Begin A Meditation Practice.

Enhance Your Meditation Practice.

  • 52 Guided Meditations

    I created 52 guided meditations each with a different theme.

  • 7 Meditations Every Week

    Practice each meditation for 7 days so your brain can absorb the nourishment from guided relaxation and affirmations.

  • 1 Daily Meditation

    Practice a session daily to glean the best results from meditation on the mind and body.

Why Are These Meditations Free?

I was inspired by this story: "Firm offering free drycleaning for jobseekers"

If we all offer some of our skills for free we can contribute to making the world an even better place.  

I believe personal transformation fuels goal achievement, be that more happiness, better relationships, greater spiritual awareness, or enhanced well-being.

I hope this resource helps you grow and blossom your authentic Divine Self.  🙏💞


  • How long do I have access to my course?

    For as long as electricity and the internet exists. 😊

  • How long do I need to put aside each week?

    Ideally, a 20 minute daily meditation session. This is a self-paced challenge. You decide how much and for how long. 💗

  • Is this course really free?

    Yes! This course is 100% free and you are welcome to stay in it as long as you like. 🥂

  • What types of support are available?

    Thinkific has wonderful support, so if you need tech support for the platform please do reach out to them. ✨


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